Also we have integrated some nice Accordions and Toggle functions. There are two ways to use them. You can choose between using our shortcode system or alternative you can use the WS-Accordion Module which is also integrated in the download package.

  • Two different ways for the optic and the functionality of the accordions and toggles
  • Of course full responsive and working on all devices like Smartphones or Tablets
  • Use them for the clarity if you have much content to display

Demo Toggle - Shortcodes

  • Toggle1 - Click me to toggle

  • Toggle2 - Click me to toggle

  • Toggle3 - Click me to toggle

Demo Accordion - Joomla Module

  • Content with some Images
  • Place a responsive Video inside
  • Simple Content and Button inside

How to use

You can use this Shortcodes everywhere in your content, click here to find out more.

{toggle | Title of the Tab}Your Content goes here{/toggle}

The Accordion Sample is made with an Joomla module which is included in the download package of this theme.


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